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The online periodical EntomoBrasilis founded in 2008 by Entomologistas do Brasil project, aims to publish original articles, quickly, from various areas of the Brazilian and World Entomology such as: Bionomics; Behavior; Ecology; Forensic entomology; General Entomology; Physiology; Applied to models Ecological Entomology; Morphology; reviews; Public health; Taxonomy and systematics and other areas related to Brazilian and World Entomology.

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Vol 12, No 3 (2019)

Cover, volume 12, issue 3
Bracon zuleideae, habitus lateral of female and male (15°10’31.7” S; 45°43’14.9” W) (Image: Nelson Wanderley Perioto). Perioto, NW, RIR Lara & DR Versuti, 2019. Bracon zuleideae Perioto & Lara (Hymenoptera, Braconidae): seed predation potential, expansion of the geographic distribution and new data on host plant phenology. EntomoBrasilis, 12 (3): 149-153.